Paul Rosell


Name: Paul Rosell

Title: B.S. in Psychology; working on: M.A. in Counseling Psychology, LMFT, LPCC.

School: Argosy University

How did you hear about Outreach? I heard about Outreach Concern through the Practicum Fair that Argosy University put on for it’s students.

What are some other roles you play in life you would like to share? My hobbies include cars and motorcycles, on and off-road. I enjoy going to the sand dunes and go as often as possible. I have worked as an ABA therapist and as a staff member in a residential treatment center for adolescent girls.

What led to your decision to be a school counselor with us? I decided to be a school counselor for Outreach Concern because I needed more experience working with adolescents. I also wanted to gain experience working in a school setting to see if I wanted to pursue a career in schools.

What are some key elements needed while working with children and adolescents in this role? Some key elements that are needed while working with children and adolescents are patience, creativity and enthusiasm. Remember that those you work with will only be as excited as you are about change.

How do you identify change in clients? I identify change in clients by their increase in motivation and and improvement in their mood.

How can this practicum/internship experience help you in your future working in the mental health field? This practicum has taught me how to better interact with adolescents and their parents.

What words of wisdom can you share with future candidates of Outreach Concern? Ask questions and take learning opportunities when they present themselves. Don’t hesitate to contact student’s parents to create and develop positive working  partnerships.