From the Director’s Desk

More than twenty years ago I founded Outreach Concern with a goal of establishing an accountability based agency, focused on improving the learning experience of students in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Southern California. In addition, I wanted to offer human service professionals a learning opportunity that would mirror the type of career optima they would experience beyond their formal education. Outreach Concern began with 12 schools and 14 interns, since that time we’ve grown to be the largest non-profit, school-based counseling agency in Southern California. In the process we’ve worked most comprehensively in over 250 schools, serving hundreds of thousands of children, families and adolescents and supported the clinical development of over 4,000 interns.

An internship with Outreach Concern mirrors everyday experiences as professionals, working agencies, private practice settings, hospitals and non-profit organizations experience on a day to day basis. We have established Outreach Concern to be the most comprehensive program of its kind, with impressive training and supervision that supports our ongoing efforts to consistently meet our mission’s goals, addressing the needs of our client population, as well as the development of our interns.

I welcome you to learn about our program, speak to our former counselors and Regional Field Supervisors and of course read the comments from our past and present interns. They’re the best examples of what an internship with Outreach Concern is all about. If after familiarizing yourself with our program, you believe an internship with Outreach Concern would enhance your educational experience, I would welcome you to join our team and look forward to providing you a learning experience that is second to none.


Rick Capaldi, Ph.D.

Executive Director