Interview Prep

Over the past two decades, Outreach Concern has hired and trained over 4,000 interns. From that experience we have identified the following 10 questions we believe to be highly beneficial for a potential intern to present during an interview.

1. What are you looking for in an intern?

2. What is the time commitment for this internship?

3. What presenting problems will I have the opportunity to work with?

4. What skill sets does your organization require of an intern?

5. How many hours can I acquire towards licensure each day?

6. What type of training will I receive and how much?

7. How much supervision will I receive?

8. What types of intervention can I provide?

9. What licenses do your clinical supervisors have?

10. Are there employment opportunities within your organization once I’ve concluded my internship?

These questions provide a potential intern a platform presenting themselves as a serious and organized candidate who will sound prepared and professional during the interview process.