Connie Kingsland


My name is Connie Kingsland and I am one of the Regional Field Supervisors at Outreach Concern. In 2005 I returned to school to get my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I completed my studies at Hope International University in Fullerton May of 2007 receiving my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy all while running my own landscape and design business, raising 2 high school student athletes and maintaining a solid marriage.

I joined the team at Outreach Concern in October of 2007 as an intern and served at St. Cecelia School in Tustin as a school counselor. I loved working at St. Cecelia. It was such a great experience joining their team, working with the staff, teachers, parents and principal to help improve the student’s school success. It was an invaluable experience working in a school setting. In August of 2008, I joined the Outreach Concern team as a Regional Field Supervisor. In July of 2008, I joined Pacific Coast Psychological Associates under the clinical supervision of Michele Willingham working with a vast array of clinical issues. In July of 2012 I passed my final licensing exam.

Currently in my private practice I am concentrating my practice in the areas of elder care, family medical emergencies and treating caregivers and families as they experience crisis and burn out. I also have the extreme privilege to volunteer with seniors at Sunrise Senior Living in Yorba Linda as their Horticultural club advisor. We meet weekly to plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers as well as trim, tame and tend to their horticultural needs.

I am a member of OCCAMFT, CAMFT, MFT Consortium of Orange County, Horticulture Club of Orange County and the Orange County Succulent and Cactus Club.

Outreach has been instrumental in advancing my knowledge of the mental health field. I have enjoyed the challenge of serving as a counselor and then as a Regional Field Supervisor, training MFT trainees and interns to serve as school counselors. I have learned how to work with multi-disciplinary teams including principals, school psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, clinical directors, school district supervisors, and university professors.

My words of wisdom to future candidates are as follows: Get involved in any activity and every aspect of student life at the school. Be out on the playground and interact with the students. Attend their plays, programs and awards ceremonies. Join in with the teachers, PTAs and birthday club. Do whatever it takes for you to become a part of the team who cares so much for the students and their school success.

Take advantage of the opportunity to attend IEPs and SST meetings. These skills will translate into greater opportunities out in the work force as a mental health practitioner. Hone your people skills and your ability to relate to children and adolescents. Give classroom presentations on bullying, friendship or “mean girl” issues. You will gain valuable experience as you acquire hundreds of clinical one on one hours with children and adolescences. Outreach is a wonderful place to learn and grow!

It is such a blessing when we watch our students walk taller, smile more, join in activities with new friends and show progress in their academics because we, as counselors, took the time to gather information from the important people in their life and developed a plan to help them succeed!