Nadine Arasoghli


Name: Nadine Arasoghli
Title: Regional Field Supervisor, Orange County Public Schools
Education: Psy.D Cal Southern University  (Present), MA Counseling (Marriage & Family Therapy) Webster University
Certifications: Crisis Response training Certification, Peer Mediation/Conflict resolution certification, 40 Asset Trainings, Parent Training certification, Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support, Second Step, Skill Streaming program

How did you hear about Outreach? I heard about it from a classmate who was completing her internship with Outreach back in 2008/2009. I started off as an intern and got hired for a Regional Field Supervisor position a year after.

What are some other roles you play in life you would like to share? I have over 12 years of experience working with children & adolescents in a school setting. My prior experience is in teaching at an elementary & middle school setting, interning with the United Nations on a child abuse awareness project and writing for a non-profit newsletter “Good News for Kids”. Specialties: Child & Adolescent Counseling: Family Counseling; Parent Training; Violence Prevention programs; Crisis Response. My passion for kids has also lead me to volunteer with different organizations. I love to travel & learn new languages, read, research and maintain a healthy life style. I’m a swimmer and a proud aunt to a little niece.

How do you identify change in clients? I use a combined yet individualized approach with each child. My combined approach is to insure that we look at the child wholly. To understand the problem from it’s roots, treat the behavioral and emotional issues and be able to see improvements and results that are not only measured subjectively, but can also be objectively measured by improvement in academic performance. Simultaneously, my individualized approach is to insure that each child obtains the treatment and care that is tailored to them and that they deserve.

What words of wisdom can you share with future candidates of Outreach Concern? Working with children and adolescents in a school setting is very rewarding. Not only do you grow in this career but your opportunities will expand. It’s the first step into private practice and it will give you experience in working with kids in an individual and group setting as well as family counseling.